Thursday, 31 October 2013

'Girl look at that body - I work out.' |

Okay so the title is a tad misleading, I'm certainly not at the stage where I'm busting out 'I'm sexy and I know it' (unless on my own in my bedroom or the dancefloor of Infernos, obvs) but recently I have flirting with fitness, but I completely (completely, completely!) lack motivation and discipline - plus I'm pretty clueles - so when I do drag myself to exercise I can't just rock up to the gym alone and workout, I need someone there to kick my ass and tell me exactly what to do - which is why I LOVE classes! I've been sweating it out indoor cycling at BOOM Cycle, toning my tummy at BBC Classes with Francesca, HIIT training with Bear Grylls' Personal Trainer at KX and 'good toes, naughty toes'ing' feeling the burn at BarreCore. One of my favourite discoveries since becoming interested in finding exciting new classes is (FF is how I first discovered the amazing BarreCore which I'm now addicted to). lets you 'Find and book the best fitness classes in London online' - you literally whack in the postcode of where you want to do a class and it lists all the classes near you and lets you book a place, but we're not just talking your typical LBT, Body Pump and Spinning classes here,  no no no, FF has also cherry picked the coolest, most original classes to get you fit -  hot yoga, aerial hoop, power plates, anti gravity yoga AND for two nights only in November a very special Hula Hoop Class.....

For abs harder than diamonds, it’s time to hoop your way into shape this November. Fitness-Freak has grabbed their glittery hula hoops and teamed up with The Queen of Hula – Marawa the Amazing - in trendy art nouveau Shoreditch Town Hall smack bang in the middle hipster-ville Hoxton for two nights only. They will be hosting one hour ab-focused hula sessions which will require your glitziest lycra, and some serious core action. They’ll supply weighted hoops to give yours abs that extra burn! Marawa the amazing is a globe-trotting Hoop master, hooping 133 hoops at the same time, she has taught and hooped in every continent, in palaces for royalty, performed for millions and was a finalist on Britain’s Got Talent.

Location: Shoreditch Town Hall
Dates: Monday 11th & Tuesday 12th November 2013
Time: 18:30 & 20:00 each night.
Duration: 1 hour

I'm planning on going - so do let me know if you're thinking of going and to which class (Tweet me @JRosellenM). Also you must check out and report back if you try any new classes as I'm always on the hunt for the next one to try (maybe not gravity defying yoga though...!!)


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