Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Thomas Sabo - Oh So Beautiful

Just a quick post to show you my favourite christmas present. I got this beautiful Thomas Sabo bracelet from my boyfriend plus a sweet little green charm which represents the birthstone for the month of May - the month we started going out .

(I know, right, who knew boyfriends could actually be thoughtful and sweet?)

 Way back in the Summer when England had a few days of vaguely decent weather, as we sat drinking in a Beer Garden, I donned a large silver bangle and ring purchased in Thailand with matching 'cracked' turquoise stones and my boyfriend looked down, grabbed my arm and proceeded to inform me 'Babe - they're broken!'

After reassuring him they were 'supposed to be like that' (boys just don't get it, do they?) he clearly paid attention and come Christmas Day I was over the moon as I unwrapped this delight.

You can purchase Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelets online here . 

Or click here to find a store near you.

What was your favourite gift this Christmas?



  1. Gorgeous bracelet and what a thoughtful boyfriend!

  2. Awww lovely present, I love when they remember things :) xx

  3. Always thought I prefered the pearl one, but after seeing your turquoise beauty my opinions changing! You should do a post on all your Christmas presents :) I love to read them and gather inspiration for what to put on my wishlist next! xoxo

  4. Thats such a sweet little story, I love thoughtful little treats. What a boy! x

  5. Aw that's so sweet :) I'm never really sure of Thomas Sabo bracelets but this one is gorgeous! x

  6. Your boyfriend sounds so sweet and thoughtful :) I love turquoise jewellery and that bracelet is gorge xx

  7. Aww bless him, he'll be in the good books for a while then! Lovely bracelet x

  8. Lovely bracelet and so thoughtful, I have a Thomas sabo charm bracelet and love it. Although I really want one of the beaded bracelets.

    Kelly x

  9. I love Thomas Sabo, they have such pretty charms
    Carissa xx

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